We, at AOI, pride on the tailored service we aim giving to each of our customer, focused to his needs.

None of our customers are identical, We recognize and appreciate the diverseness.

We supply our abrasive tools directly to end users and to a network of independent distributors.

Our customers diversity cover most of the manufacturing industries including, but not limited to, Tooling (Metal and Wood) industries , Glass, ceramic, Optic and Photonics industries, automotive industry.

We work closely with our customers, the machine-operator to ensure reaching the        Optimum Grinding Efficiency,

the  site-manager to ensure

        Efficient Logistics Management

prevent any production disruption.

We also ensure that both the site- manager and machine-operator are kept up-to-date of any technical innovations that may be relevant to their operation.

Customer in Focus


AOI and our partners philosophy is striving to supply the optimum grinding tools, thus many of our precision products  are not found on catalogues or on the shelf.

By working closely with our customers we identify areas that could be  improve, such as surface finish, geometry, grinding and dressing cycle, etc.

The identified areas are liaise with our partners to develop a solution for testing. This philosophy is used for many of our product types in most of the market segments.

Upon complex technical requirement we consult the expert application engineers from our partners side.


      we do not just sell out of a catalogue.

We aim providing the most efficient grinding solution suit the customer application, with the ultimate goal of

    Extending your Grinding Efficiency

Our Service Philosophy

AOI is a leading distributor of abrasive products in North America and BeNeLux regions.

With years of experience servicing a cross section of customers, combined with the world-class collective expertise, which we can call upon from our partners, at AOI we work closely with our customers to help Extending the Grinding Efficiency.

We welcome you to AOI,

the Home of Grinding Efficiency.


The well known International manufactures we represent are more than just a suppliers, they are our partners.

We share our vision, philosophy and  standards of innovation, customer focus and long term open and reciprocal working relationships.

Through these affiliations, AOI is able to bring you, the customer, the most cost effective innovative products, with industry leading technical support, customer service that enable

        Extending of Grinding Efficiency.

Our Partners