AOI grinding wheels are high efficiency tools

which are carefully  selected and recommended to particular applications, help to provide optimum economical solutions  for large variety of applications and machines.

We are working and representing the well known manufactures, leading the

market with innovated technology of tools shapes as well as bond materials and technologies.

That enable AOI offering our customer the most effective abrasive tools customized to their application.

The super abrasive bond materials are the development result of

many years of experience.

The bond type, developed by our manufactures,

are very carefully tested and selected to reach the highest grinding effectively.

These are categorized based on the application for the different industries:

Resin bond tools are mostly used for:

    grinding tungsten carbides, Ceramic,

    HSS, and other hard materials.
Metal bond tools are widely used for:

    glass and optics, Safety glass, carbide.

Vitrified bond tools are mostly used for:

    camshaft grinding, bearing internal

grinding,PCD / PCBN insert grinding,

AOI Tools Range