The key to grinding efficiency lies in the dressing of the grinding wheel.

The aims of dressing a corundum or silicon carbide tools are as follows:

1. To restore the grinding wheel geometric and to recover the wheel true


2. To restore the essential surface texture of the grinding wheel

3. To clean the cutting surface of the grinding wheel

Diamond is harder and more immune to wear effects than any other material, that make it ideal for dressing operations.

The diamond size (or carat diamond wight) is the parameter defined the dresser hardness.

AOI dressers are available in various holder shapes and diamond sizes from

0.25 to 2.50 carat.

The dresser grit size is determined by the grit size of the grinding wheel which should be dressed.

Dressers examples:

(This is only a short dresser list examples)

> single point dresser

> multipoint dresser

> hand-held  dresser

> roller dresser

> dressing rolls

> dressing blocks


Dressing Tools