AOI offers a range of saw blades cutting tools for your various cutting application.

The standard wheel shapes and sizes correspond

to the FEPA standard.

The performance, wear behavior and and the cutting speed, of saw blade is highly depend on correct bond selection, grit size and concentration fit the application,

side by side with the machine setup working parameters and runout.

AOI saw blades are available in 4 bond types:

Metal Bond, Resin Bond, Electroplated bond and special metal bond with continues

orsegmented rim depending on the application and the machined workpiece.

Cutting tools application examples:

(This is only a short materials list examples)

>  Tools for cutting optical glass

>  Tools for cutting lead crystal glass

>  Tools for cutting lead quartz

>  Tools for cutting oxide ceramic

>  Tools for cutting non oxide ceramic

>  Tools for cutting silicate ceramic

>  Tools for cutting mixed ceramic cermets

>  Tools for cutting thermoplastics

>  Tools for cutting reinforced plastic

>  Tools for cutting glass and carbon fibers

>  Tools for cutting Cast alloys

>  Tools for cutting carbide

>  Tools for cutting highspeed steels

>  Tools for magnetic materials

Cutting Tools